Our Philosophy.

Women shouldn’t have to settle for the same ill-fitting clothing, in fabrics that don’t perform, adorned with the same ugly flower prints. Kaden Apparel is designed with you in mind, in styles and fits made specifically for you. Fabrics and fits have been vigorously tested in all conditions, near our Vermont headquarters and elsewhere. Your clothing needs to perform as hard as you do, and Kaden Apparel is designed, built and tested to do just that.

Made in the USA.

Kaden Apparel is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States. American manufacturing is important to us and we pride ourselves on the fact that our garments are made close to home.

We areBikers.

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Mission and Vision

To create the best performing mountain bike apparel for women to inspire confidence and amplify her potential on and off her bike

To empower and inspire women through mountain biking

About the Founder

Kaden Apparel was founded in Burlington, Vermont, in 2013 by Chelsea Camarata. Chelsea’s passion for biking began many years earlier and she continues her active participation in the sport by getting out and riding as much as she can and continuously working to further the women’s mountain bike scene through outreach and women’s ride days. The idea for Kaden was born out of her frustration with the selection, or lack thereof, of women’s mountain bike clothing. The necessity for high-quality, ladies specific bike clothing, that is both functional and fashionable, was apparent. Chelsea began prototyping and testing her hand-made garments with some old sewing machines, in her dining room. Eventually getting her designs to the level of quality she was looking for, she began working with an American manufacturing facility to produce the line. Kaden’s moisture wicking fabrics are specially designed to keep women riders dry for even the longest rides. Designed by riders, Kaden Apparel is dedicated to making the best clothing for women cyclists.