Cail Sanders-CasserlyCail’s first mountain bike was a red Mongoose Gale Storm and that was love at first sight. She’s currently a manager at Onion River Outdoors in downtown Montpelier and the welcome centre supervisor at Kingdom Trails. Working at ORO has expanded her bike experiences (full suspension!) and encouraged her to enter her first bike race. She’s really inspired by the people she works with and learns so much from them.

Since she works on marketing and events, her objective is helping the cycling world in Vermont become more inclusive. She loves helping with the women’s MTB clinics in the summer and trying to welcome all kinds of riders. Her focus is also the intersection between bikes and community. When she’s not riding bikes or working at the shop, she loves projects, being a hospice volunteer, and trying to tele ski.

  • Current city, state: West Burke, VT
  • Day job: Gal Friday (manager, receiver, marketing, events) at Onion River Outdoors and welcome centre supervisor at Kingdom Trails
  • Favorite bike: My old Gary Fisher Hoo Koo
  • Number of bikes in your quiver? Currently 2 bikes (full suspension and gravel)
  • Clipless or flats? Flats forever
  • Ice cream or popsicles? Popsicles
  • Tacos or burritos? Tacos
  • Favorite place to ride? Kingdom Trails on a weekday and North Branch
  • Bucket list bike trip? Sicily

Hit the trail with Cail: @onionkale802

  Cail Sanders-Casserly