Claire JencksClaire Montana Jencks has been riding bikes since just about forever. Growing up in the PNW countryside she used to drag elementary school friends around a 3-mile road loop to test their endurance. After college, she picked up a single-speed track bike and began going for epic rides in the hills San Francisco. She dabbled for a bit in cross racing, but once she got a taste of mountain bikes she quickly dove in the world of gravity headfirst.

Claire is fascinated by optimizing training and play, whether mental, physical or skills and is currently getting ready for the 2020 BME Enduro Series. She loves teaching and spreading the stoke, and is getting PMBIA certified in March of 2020.

  • Current city, state: Seattle, WA
  • Day job: Startup CEO
  • Favorite bike: Anything with two wheels
  • Number of bikes in your quiver? Too Many! 6+
  • Clipless or flats? Flats all day every day
  • Ice cream or popsicles? Creamsicle
  • Tacos or burritos? Veggie Burrito with lots of hot sauce
  • Favorite place to ride? Anywhere that’s steep!
  • Bucket list bike trip? Trans-Provence Race

Hit the trail with Claire: @claire.jencks

Claire Jencks