2021 Kaden Ambassador Sheena MorrillSheena first started riding mountain bikes over 10 years ago, pulling her kids in a bike trailer on the trails, and took a long hiatus. After battling anxiety and panic attacks she started hitting the trails again after a 7+ year break. Finding joy, confidence, crushing fears, and ultimately healing on the bike, there is no stopping her!

She is a military wife and stay at home mom who homeschools her teenagers, and thanks to their flexibility they are able to hit their favorite local trails frequently. She has been caught digging through the trash at her local bike shop finding old tubes, and chains which come back to life as recycled jewelry. As the head coach for her local NICA team, you can usually find her as the caboose inspiring and motivating the kids who are a little hesitant to be on the trails.

When she isn’t on the bike, you can find her on the yoga mat, on a paddle board, rock climbing, hiking with her blue heeler, Jade, and usually in the kitchen making food. Next to being outside with the people she loves, food is her favorite!

  • Current city, state: Sanford, NC
  • Day Job: Stay at home mom
  • Favorite bike: Guinevere, my Vitus Sommet 29 VRS
  • Number of bikes in my quiver? 2
  • Clipless or Flats? Flats for life! Although I’ve been interested in trying clipless.
  • Ice cream or popsicles? Ice cream… mint chocolate chip!
  • Tacos or Burritos? Tacos all day, everyday!!
  • Favorite place to ride? San Lee single track and gravity park! Also, Western NC!
  • Bucket List bike trip? I’d love to ride at least one trail in all 50 states!
  • Go to activity when not biking? Yoga, paddle board, hiking, eating food!

Hit the trails with Sheena: @themtbmom

2021 Kaden Ambassador Sheena Morrill.    2021 Kaden Ambassador Sheena Morrill.    2021 Kaden Ambassador Sheena Morrill

2021 Kaden Ambassador Sheena Morrill

2021 Kaden Ambassador Sheena Morrill