Ashley Taylor

Ashley TaylorHey there! My name is Ashley, and I live in South Burlington, VT with my partner and daughter Leila, 7. I am a student at Champlain College with one year left until graduation! Aside from mountain biking, I love to ski. I am a ski instructor at Smugglers Notch Resort and previously instructed spinning and BodyPump classes. Being active is my life. But, nothing brings me more joy than sharing my passions, knowledge, and skills with others. Plus, making new friends is great! 

I’m relatively new to the MTB community - last year was my first season! However I couldn’t have asked for a better playground to learn than Vermont! I made some great friends in the community, a bunch of skilled riders who taught me the fundamentals of mountain biking and beyond. I love going to group rides to learn from and watch experienced riders - I am in awe every time, and I walk away learning something new. During the season my friends and I organize a weekly group ride to help people new to the MTB community, or those just thinking about entering into it, an opportunity to ride and learn the basics. Some weeks we have 5 people show up, and other weeks we’ve had 15 new riders show up! Good times guaranteed. Major thanks to Kaden for giving me the chance to connect with other women who are passionate about biking and the outdoors.

  • Current city, state: South Burlington, Vermont
  • Day job: Business Administration Student at Champlain College
  • Favorite bike: GT Force 
  • The number of bikes in your quiver? There were four, but I sold off my trail bike, a Jamis Faultline, just before the holidays. I’ve got three - a full-suspension enduro GT Force, a vintage Peugeot for commuting around Burlignton, and a fat Bike!
  • Clipless or flats? Clipless
  • Ice cream or popsicles? Ice cream!
  • Tacos or burritos? Equal opportunity eater! 
  • Favorite place to ride? That’s like asking who your favorite kid is? Hard task. But if it comes down to one, Adam’s Camp. 
  • Bucket list bike trip? Tie - Moab & Sedona
  • Go to activity when not biking? Skiing/skinning, SUPing, hiking, swimming, running - anything that gets me outside!

Hit the trail with Ashley @ataylor_331

Ashley Taylor MTB - Kaden Apparel Ambassador

Ashley Taylor MTB - Kaden Apparel Ambassador

Ashley Taylor MTB - Kaden Apparel Ambassador

Ashley Taylor MTB - Kaden Apparel Ambassador

Ashley Taylor MTB - Kaden Apparel Ambassador



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