Chantelle Fisher-McKone

Chantelle Fisher-McKone

Chantelle has been mountain biking for four years. Her first mountain bike ride was at the Kingdom Trails in Vermont and she was immediately in love and has been obsessed ever since. She is very involved in the local riding community — being a part of two mountain bike boards, assisting in trail maintenance and helping run mountain bike events. She has explored NY, MA, PA, NC and AZ on a mountain bike and has even more trips planned. A born and raised Vermonter, she loves the state and all the outdoor activities available there. Mountain biking is by far her favorite activity and she bikes daily in the summer but she also enjoys fat biking, snowboarding, hiking and exploring in the woods. She is so excited to be a brand ambassador for Kaden this summer!

  • Current city, state: Stowe, VT
  • Day job: Executive Assistant/HR at Darn Tough
  • Favorite bike: First and only mountain bike so far has been a Trek Fuel and I absolutely love it.
  • Number of bikes in your quiver? 2 and growing
  • Clipless or flats? Flats
  • Ice cream or popsicles? Ice cream. Ben and Jerry's Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake.
  • Tacos or burritos? Tacos.
  • Favorite place to ride? Impossible to choose one. But if I had to for technical terrain, I love the Permission-Burning Spear-Joe’s loop at Perry Hill and flow trail, Florence, at Cady Hill.
  • Bucket list bike trip? Sedona, AZ and Moab, UT for a multi-week truck camping adventure.
  • Go-to activity when not biking? Snowboarding or hiking.

Hit the trail with Chantelle: @chantalish


Chantelle Fisher-McKone

Chantelle Fisher-McKone

Chantelle Fisher-McKone

Chantelle Fisher-McKone


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