Madison Rossen

Madison started mountain biking her junior year of high school when she joined a nearby high school team in Northern California. She then raced NICA for two years where she met some awesome girls that helped push her and instill a love of mountain biking in her! Since then, they go on a riding summer road trip every summer and explore trails in Oregon. They next hope to venture out to Utah or Canada. She moved to Bellingham for college where she was introduced to all kinds of amazing trails and riding. The new trails have pushed her to become a better rider and she spends her free time exploring the local trials.

In addition to her own joy for riding, she also loves getting others into riding, especially kids. She spent a summer coaching in California as well as volunteer coaching younger girls in Bellingham. She loves helping to get them pumped on riding and creating a fun and inclusive community!

  • Current city, state: Bellingham, Washington
  • Day job: Student at Western Washington
  • Favorite bike: Santa Cruz Bronson
  • Number of bikes in your quiver? Only 1 right now
  • Clipless or flats? Flats
  • Ice cream or popsicles? Ice cream
  • Tacos or burritos? Tacos all the way
  • Favorite place to ride? Local trails in Bellingham
  • Bucket list bike trip? Moab and Squamish
  • Go-to activity when not biking? Hanging out with friends, cooking and camping!


Follow Madison's adventures @madison.rossen


 Madison Rossen

Madison Rossen

Madison Rossen


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