Meg Oliver

From the time she could walk, Meg had a need for speed. Having an older brother who also had a need for speed, they always had wheels around. It all began with a red tricycle, and then to a pink bike with a pink flamed banana seat, to big wheels, Honda 50s, Kent scooters, quads, go-karts, dirt bikes, BMXs, a Kmart mountain bike with sweet bar ends, an ‘87 Schwinn road bike, and even a baby blue touring bike.

Growing up in the Greater Boston area in the 80s, they had BMX tracks, janky ramps, and backyard trails. She spent summers in New Hampshire where they would ride bikes on dirt roads, through mud puddles, and off her neighbor’s dock into the lake. She would do anything the boys did and always wanted to be better than them. Even if it meant going over her handle bars with nothing but a bathing suit and bare feet, attempting to launch off a rock.

Fast forward to 14 years ago when her friend Jesse Whitsell, who had raced downhill for Iron Horse, was able to hook her up with her first “real” mountain bike (a 36 pound hardtail to be exact). As Jesse was assembling her bike, she can recall saying, “I will never love mountain biking as much as I love snowboarding.” She would soon eat those words.

This sport saved her life. She struggled with depression for many years and mountain biking gave her her life back. She wants other people to experience the joy, friendships, freedom, expression and zen it gives her soul.

She doesn’t really race other than local stuff as she prefers to explore new places and be free to travel at will. She loves leading rides and bringing the stoke to new people who are dipping their toes into the sport for the first time. It gives her “jazz hands” to see others progress and gain confidence which they can bring to other aspects of their lives.


  • Current city, state: Waterbury Center, VT
  • Day job: Career Coach AKA I teach people how to sell themselves “legally”
  • Favorite bike: 1997 Specialized Rockhopper gravel bike conversion. #dumpfind
  • Number of bikes in your quiver? 4…Wait, does a big wheel count?
  • Clipless or flats? Clipless
  • Ice cream or popsicles? Friendly’s butter crunch with chocolate sprinkles BOOM! Oh and a maple cremee with chocolate sprinkles. Why don’t we just say chocolate sprinkles?
  • Tacos or burritos? How about a tacorito?
  • Favorite place to ride? I love explore new trails vs. racing. I hit 46 different trail systems last year. I love the trail that I have yet to explore!
  • Bucket list bike trip? I am buying a Ford Transit this summer and converting into a camper van. Donations for materials and labor are welcome. I have always wanted do a three-month long trip across Canada and back through the US. My friend and her husband beat me to the punch and did the trip for their honeymoon, so I have a great reference for places to go and ride!


Hit the trail with Meg: @lilmissmeggs


Photos: Bear Cieri


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