The Florence Jersey was reviewed by Grit and Gear on August 30, 2020 by gear reviewer Marie Malinowski. Here’s what Marie had to say about the jersey:

Kaden Apparel Florence Jersey in Plum“Of all the jerseys in this review, the Kaden Florence ($80) stands out the most. First and foremost, Kaden Apparel is woman-started, woman-owned, women-centric. Without openly admitting my age, I remember (with no great fondness) mountain biking when there was no such thing as women-specific gear. I also remember when the industry’s needle of evolution turned ever so slightly that a few big brands begrudgingly instructed their male designers to make women’s shorts and jerseys (with lots of pink, flowers, swirls and questionable quality).

Fortunately, we are now living in an era where most cycling apparel brands have women designers designing the women’s lines. But, even better, we have boutique brands that are started, owned and designed by women—for women. This casts a much wider net for selection and choice.

Soapbox aside, the Kaden Florence jersey lends a simple practical style to the art of singletrack. There is no pink. No flowers. Swirls? Yah right. Think performance jersey cross-pollinating with skateboard fashion. The end result is a high-quality mountain bike jersey made in the United States that is soft, supple, comfortable and breathable in humid weather. A jersey to put on your radar for sure.”

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