Top 4 Women’s Mountain Bike Clinics and Festivals for 2023

Get to Know the Top 4 Women’s Mountain Bike Clinics and Festivals for 2023

Our top picks for riders of all skill levels wanting to up their game and have more fun next year.

Though the snow is just starting to fly, it’s not too soon to dream about your summer mountain bike adventures. With many of our favorite clinics and festivals releasing their dates and locations for next year, we have our sights set on a handful of fantastic events. Whether you are just getting into mountain biking or a seasoned pro, there is an event for you.

These four awesome organizations hold multiple events each year specifically for women. They will push you to learn new skills, make new friends, and have the most fun possible on a bike, all within a welcoming, positive atmosphere.

Take a look at the list below to see which option is best for you, and start planning for bike season today.

Ninja MTB Women's Clinics

With skills clinics and camps for both men and women nationwide, Ninja offers women’s-only clinics ranging from half-day fundamentals to two-day, on-trail clinics. These clinics are perfect for new riders or those more experienced looking to hone their skills.

Ninja has helped riders of every skill level progress their riding over the last decade. Their certified coaches are excellent at teaching the fundamentals of mountain biking in a fun and practical way. If you are looking to progress your skills quickly in an inclusive environment, sign up for one of their women's clinics today.

  • Who’s it for? Beginner to expert women riders who want a skills-heavy mountain bike clinic close to home.
  • Where are they held? Nationwide from New Hampshire to California and everywhere in between.
  • When can I go? Year-round. Ninja holds its winter clinics in temperate climates, like Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas. As the snow thaws, you can find their clinics nationwide almost every week.
  • How much will it cost? $299 for half-day clinics, $499 for full-day, and $949 for two-day.
  • How do I register? Registration is open for clinics through September 2023. Sign up for one near you.

Dirt Series Camps and Clinics

Dirt Series camps began in 2001 and have since blown up into one of the larger mountain bike clinics offered nationwide. They offer everything from beginner “Try It” clinics for riders looking to get onto the dirt for the first time to multi-day camps in epic locations for experienced riders.

One of their coolest offerings, if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the locations they are held, is the new Progression Series. This series is four weeks long, three hours a week on local trails. This gives riders the opportunity to build skills every week with the same coach, leading them to be the best rider they can be. This is a unique opportunity to meet other riders in an area and progress skills quickly.

  • Who’s it for? Anyone and everyone in the family. Dirt Series offers a camp/clinic for every level. Adult camps are for 18+, but youth camps are also available.
  • Where are they held? Nationwide, though most heavily concentrated in the West. Specific locations for 2023 are yet to be released.
  • When can I go? Spring-fall. Specific dates will be released starting January 2023.
  • How much will it cost? Pricing ranges from $125 -$700 depending on the clinic type and location.
  • How do I register? Dates and locations will be unveiled in January 2023 so keep an eye on the Dirt Series.

Dirt Series Mountain Bike Events

Dirt Series Mountain Bike Events

Dirt Series MTB events

Dirt Series Mountain Bike Events

Ladies AllRide

As the name suggests, Ladies AllRide is all about getting as many women on mountain bikes as possible, by bringing the community together and learning in an inclusive environment.

With four offerings, they have something for every rider. Ladies AllRide hosts half-day mini camps to work on specific skills, two-day skills camps, downhill-specific two-day camps, and four- to five-day retreats.

Their signature skills camps are excellent and have been their longest offering, but the retreat and downhill camps are what we love the most about Ladies AllRide. These downhill camps are for all levels of riders and include specific instructions on how to approach lift-accessed bike parks in places like Whitefish, Montana, and Burke Mountain, Vermont.

If you are looking for more time on the bike with a rad group of ladies, the retreats are an amazing option. This year, the Ladies AllRide retreat was held at Flathead Lake, Montana, where riders stayed at a beautiful historic lodge with private trails. These are one-of-a-kind opportunities where riders get to live and breathe mountain biking. With morning yoga to start the day, followed by skills training and group rides, it’s a great way to connect with other riders and refine skills.

  • Who’s it for? Women riders of all skill levels.
  • Where are they held? Arkansas, Vermont, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon.
  • When can I go? May-October 2023
  • How much will it cost? Last year prices were $180 for mini camps, $495-$525 for signature camps ($525 with lift tickets for downhill riding included), and about $3,000 for their five-day retreat, which includes lodging.
  • How do I register? Dates and locations for 2023 will be released soon. Check out the Ladies AllRide site to learn more and sign up for their newsletter for up-to-date information.

Ladies AllRide

Ladies AllRide

Ladies AllRide - Clarissa and Gage wearing the Kaden Pinner MTB Short

Ladies AllRide

Ladies AllRide

Ladies AllRide

Roam Fest

The Mountain Bike Festival for women, LGBTQ, and genderqueer 21+ mountain bikers. Roam Fest is a three-day party to celebrate inclusivity in the mountain biking community. Complete with group rides, bike and gear demos, film screenings, and dance parties, there is nothing like it.

Unlike the other more educational, skills-focused options we’ve highlighted, Roam Fest is purely about riding and community. Riders can come with the skills they have and enjoy a weekend with group rides for every level while making new friends and enjoying epic trail systems.

  • Who’s it for? While most skill levels can participate, the fest is best for those who have some mountain biking experience, though all are welcome to party! *Sedona is recommended for intermediate and experienced riders due to the lack of easier trails in the area.
  • Where are they held? Knoxville, Tennessee, Fruita, Colorado, and Sedona, Arizona.
  • When can I go? In 2023, May 5-7 in Knoxville, September 22-24 in Fruita, and November 3-5 in Sedona.
  • How much will it cost? Last year prices were between $249-$349 for festival passes and $349-$449 for demo bike passes depending on location. Due to increased production costs for this rad festival expect slightly higher prices for 2023.
  • How do I register? Roam Fest is a party you don’t want to miss; keep an eye on their site for registration opening soon.

**Roam offers single-day events with bike demos, group rides, and skills instruction. For more info on those events, click here. **

Looking Ahead

In 2023, resolve to improve your skills, grow your mountain bike community, and try something new. These clinics, camps, retreats, and festivals are excellent ways to do all of the above. No matter your skill level, we hope that these resources give you something to look forward to in the new year.

Sign up for their event newsletters, add them to your holiday wish list, or sign up today. You won’t regret taking your biking to the next level. Whether you want something close to home or would love a road trip, each of these organizations offers clinics that you should be stoked for.

When the days are dark and cold, just think about shredding the trails this summer with your new girl gang!

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some new riding gear before your trips. Click here to use our kit builder and get the perfect look for 2023!


Dirt Series photos courtesy of Simon Pinto Photography (@simonpintophoto) and Melanie Saucier Photography (@melaniesaucierphotography)

Ladies AllRide photos courtesy of Katie Lozancich (@_katielo).


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