Tatum Reale

Tatum Reale

Hi there! My name is Tatum Reale and I am 17 years old and from Angwin, California. I have been biking since I was able to walk, but entered the racing world three years ago. I started with cross country and found enduro last year and fell in love with the sport. Off of the bike, I spend much of my time going to Crossfit as well as skiing with friends and family.

My favorite part of mountain biking is the freedom it gives me as well as the friendships that I make along the way. I love the sense of community and support you get from others, especially from other inspiring females.

Currently, I am a team captain for my local cross country team and a GRIT (Girls Riding it Together) ambassador for NICA. I love cheering on other ladies in the male dominated sport. You will frequently find me cheering on other people and trying to figure out the line that I will have the most fun riding.

Current city, state: Angwin, CA
Day job: Senior in high school
Favorite bike: Ibis Ripmo
Number of bikes in your quiver? Two
Clipless or flats? Clipless
Ice cream or popsicles? Ice cream
Tacos or burritos? Burritos
Favorite place to ride? Northstar
Bucket list bike trip? Madeira (going in May!)
Go-to activity when not biking? Crossfit

Follow along with Tatum's adventures @tatum_reale7

Tatum Reale

Tatum Reale

Tatum Reale

Tatum Reale


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