Our Top 5 Private Mountain Bike Coaches to Maximize Your Skill Set In 2023

Top 5 Private Mountain Bike Coaches

If the thought of group clinics makes your anxiety level go through the roof, looking into options for private classes might be the way to go. You don’t even have to tell your friends; surprise them on your next ride with a newfound skillset and confidence.

Mountain biking is one of those sports where you never stop progressing. Whether it’s learning how to better get over big stumps, building confidence, or hitting big drops, there is a coach for you. 

There are a few things to consider when booking private clinics with a coach. We will walk you through the most important questions to ask yourself and the coach before booking your personal riding time and take a look at our five favorite women’s coaches right now

What to Look For in a Mountain Bike Coach

Picking the right coach can make or break a private training experience. Some are your biggest cheerleader, others give a little more tough love. Finding a coach that breaks things down in a way that makes sense for you is the most important thing you can do before signing up for a 1:1

Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to five that we really love. These women are badass bikers and most have been in the coaching biz for many years. They are all active on social media, so tip #1 is to give these gals a follow to get a feel for their coaching style and pick up some free tips

Our Top 5 Mountain Bike Coaches

There are stellar coaches from coast to coast who can help you level up your skills this summer. We have done the legwork for you and listed five you should consider. These coaches and teams of coaches offer some of the best value and are in incredible locations across the U.S. and Canada. 

In no particular order, here are the top 5:

1. For Canadian Mountain Bikers, Shred Sisters Are the Answer

Shred Sisters are where it’s at for our friends up north! We highlighted these ladies, Canadian leaders in women’s mountain biking skills development, in our blog about our top festivals and clinics a little while back. They offer customizable 1:1 sessions in several locations in western Canada, with a strong emphasis on creating a supportive community built around positivity. This makes riding and learning with them feel like family! 

They have a stacked roster of coaches ready to help you take your riding to the next level. You can chat with them to learn more about who is available near you and who might be the best fit for you. There is no going wrong with this crew; they are well-respected across the sport. 

The Deets

Shred Sisters pricing is $120/hour with a 2-hour minimum. We recommend bundling up and booking 3-4 sessions for a $10/hour discount. You won’t want to stop at just one session with these gals!

You can find the Shred Sisters on Instagram, YouTube, and their website to learn more and sign up. 

Shred Sisters

Shred Sisters

Shred Sisters

2. Sedona’s Biggest Cheerleader: Joanna Yates

Joanna is a ball of energy! This former “workaholic turned entrepreneur and mountain bike coach” crushes the technical lines in Sedona and always has a smile. If you are all about positivity and want to leave your 1:1 feeling like a whole new rider, she’s the one for you. 

Her total stoke for the sport is contagious, and she’s got the certification to back it up. For a warm-weather trip to get down on some technical trails and level up your riding, contact Joanna. If you don’t have the time or money to make a trip to Sedona, no problemo. Joanna now offers remote coaching, so you can take her with you wherever you go!

The Deets

Her prices are $235 for 2 hours, $325 for 3 hours, and $605 for 5 hours

You can find Joanna on Instagram, her website, and her YouTube channel, which all give a great feel for her coaching style and offer helpful tips!


3. Oregon’s Finest: Brave Endeavors

Founded by a certified coach and personal trainer Bekah Rottenberg, Brave Endeavors is a mountain bike program unlike any other, designed for more serious riders or anyone wanting to up their fitness overall. Their 1:1 programs are chock-full of rider perks we haven’t seen anywhere else, like video analysis, photos, a jersey, a strength plan, and a written summary of what you learned during your session. 

If you are serious about making this the year you make huge improvements in your fitness and confidence, Brave Endeavors is worth investigating. Located in the Columbia River Gorge, you can experience some of the PNW’s amazing trails and views. Bekah has curated a small but mighty group of certified coaches to help you take your riding to the next level. If you aren’t ready to venture to the PNW, you can check out her at-home strength training program, called buildTEAM, specifically designed for mountain bikers to prepare you for the coming season. 

The Deets

Because Brave Endeavors offers an all-encompassing program, their prices are a little higher, but they are loaded with value. For $500, you get a 3-hour session with one of their badass coaches. If you don’t want to go solo, grab your two besties and the three of you can have a 3-hour session together for the same price! 

Check Brave Endeavors out on Instagram, YouTube, and their website. 

Brave Endeavors

Brave Endeavors

4. Blue Sky MTB for the East Coasters

Blue Sky MTB founder Christsonthy Drellos is a certified mountain bike skills coach, who works 1:1 with riders in northern Vermont and in MTB mecca, Knoxville, Tenn. If you are located on the East Coast and have any specific skills you want to work on, Christsonthy is your woman. She can help you flow through that wall ride you’ve been struggling with or more broadly help you gear up for a big race.

Christsonthy will meet you exactly where you are. She is all about helping you progress, no matter your starting point. She will help you improve your skills, and if you have any kiddos, she coaches riders as young as 7 years old

The Deets

Blue Sky MTB private sessions run $60/hour with a 2-hour minimum. But, like other coaches, if you go with a package of three, you’ll get a discount. $300 for three lessons, you can hone your skills with Christsonthy! 

Learn more about Christsonthy on her website, and check out one of her clinics if you want to do a group session before your 1:1. You can also learn more about her and find great tips on Instagram

 Blue Sky MTB

Blue Sky MTB

5. Radical Roots: Making Mountain Biking More Accessible for All

Based in Bellingham, Wash, Radical Roots MTB uses a methodical approach to help you learn foundational skills. Starting in low-consequence settings, you will get hands-on experience and  practice skills before taking them to the trails. Learning this way will help you build confidence in doing exactly what you should be on the bike. Mess up on grass, and your body will love mountain biking longer! 

No matter where you are with your riding, the ladies at Radical Roots will help you develop your skill set and level up in a way that makes sense. Their mission is to get more people out on bikes, regardless of background. We love their scholarship program for individuals in the community, which eliminates the pricing barrier for those who want to attend but might not be able to afford it. 

The Deets

Radical Roots private mountain bike lessons start at $95/hour and are for anyone ages 8 and up. They also offer a wide array of clinics, group sessions, guiding services, and a youth program that are worth taking a look at. 

You can find more info and sign up for lessons on their website. Their Instagram is also a great way to learn more about this great group.  


Level Up Girlfriend

This is your summer! Get those thumbs busy and start checking out these five women’s mountain bike advocates on social media. These ladies care deeply about the mountain bike community and the women in it; you will be stoked no matter which group or personal coach you choose. Find out who you connect with most and book your lesson today before they sell out!

With your private lesson reserved, hit up our store and get decked out in the latest Kaden gear. Get a fresh kit to go with your fresh skill set for summer 2023!


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