Top 5 Gifts From Small Mountain Bike Brands

You’re a mountain biker so you know how expensive quality gear can be. When the holidays roll around, it can be hard to add any bike items to your wish list without burdening your loved ones with pricey gift options. The good news is, premium gear doesn’t have to come at a premium price.

This year we’ve compiled a list of five amazing bike-related gifts to forward to your gift-givers. Our list includes small US-based brands that make high-quality gear we love. We hope to introduce you to some of our favorite independent brands out there disrupting the big bike scene. At under $110 per item, these are things every biker would love to receive that won’t break the bank.

Dive into this drool-worthy list of clothing and accessories to make your year-round bike dreams come true.

1. Kaden Como Chamois and Gryla Jersey
Perfect for cold days spent indoors at spin class or on your trainer at home, the Como Chamois are the shorts you need. This lightweight, breathable, and ultra-versatile chamois is perfect for every type of riding, providing great cushion and comfort year-round.

Like other Kaden shorts, the Como has wide, elastic-free, yoga-style waistband and leg bands, which keep you from feeling restricted and makes it more comfortable to wear for hours on end. This non-restrictive construction will make you forget you’re even wearing a chamois—for real!

If you are in the market for a new biking top (are you ever not?), the Gryla is one of our favorite all-around jerseys. With ¾-length arm coverage, it is protective yet lightweight so it’s great even on hot days. The Gryla is fitted just right to allow plenty of movement while maintaining a flattering silhouette. This jersey is breathable and oh-so-soft, making it one of our top sellers.

Kaden Apparel - Gryla 3/4 Sleeve Jersey and Como Chamois

Kaden Apparel Primo and Como Chamois with Gryla 3/4 Sleeve Jersey


2. Bivo One Bike Bottle
It’s time to ditch that old plastic bike bottle you’ve had for years (maybe decades!) and upgrade to stainless steel. Founders Carina Hamel and Robbie Ringer were on a mission to do just that. With some incredible high-tech engineering and ingenuity, they produced a fantastic performance bottle using 69% less plastic than a traditional 12oz bottle.

You won’t miss squeezing a plastic water bottle. The specially designed high-flow nozzle allows the water to rush into your mouth, with no sucking or squeezing necessary. Just tip the bottle back and enjoy clean, plastic-free tasting water!

The outside of Bivo bottles are coated in silicone, keeping them rattle-free so you can stay stealthy on the trails.

What are you waiting for? Add a Bivo Bottle to your gift list, or buy them for all of the bikers in your family this holiday season.

Bivo water bottles - Kaden Apparel Gift Guide


3. Ground Keeper Accessories
With only so many makes and models of mountain bikes, they can all start to look the same. If you want to add a little personality to your ride, add some Ground Keeper accessories to your bike and stand out from the crowd.

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Ground Keeper’s small team is on a mission to rid the world of bland, look-alike bikes. They offer designs and accessories for everyone, with decals, frame protection, top caps, and fenders in a wide array of designs.

Don’t worry about being stuck with one design; they’re removable so you can switch up your look with every season.

Add a little spunk to your steed with some Ground Keeper accessories.

Ground Keeper - Frame Keeper


4. Light & Motion VIS Light
For everyday commuters or bikers who like to get after it in the evenings, this bombproof light is a must-have. Light & Motions' top-of-the-line lights illuminate even the darkest roads and trails, making it the perfect small gift that can be used for years.

This small business designs, tests, and manufactures all of its lights at its home base in Marina, California. One of its great all-around lights, the VIS Pro 1000 Trail, features a fast charge time and runs on full power for 90 minutes. If you need it at full power for longer, you can also rig the light with external power for light all night.

The VIS Pro 1000 has red side lighting to make you more visible to drivers and other bikers at night.

For safe night riding, there really isn’t a better option than the VIS Pro 1000 Trail.

Light and Motion - VIS Pro 1000


5. High Above Nova Hip Pack
Founded in 2011 by JC Canfield, who started making commuter bags in Seattle, High Above is a small bag company that has since shifted gears to focus on mountain biking. It’s now based in Bellingham, Washington, and creates lightweight waterproof bags that are simple, beautiful, and last a lifetime.

The Nova Hip Pack is the perfect mountain bike companion. It’s large enough to stash your tools, a light layer, snacks, and water for your ride and includes thoughtful details, like a stowaway bottle holder, a bit of reflective tape for added visibility, and long pull tabs that make it easy to open and close.

Durable enough to take a beating and currently made to order, these packs make the perfect gift for any rider.

High Above - Nova Hip Pack


Time to Ride
The holidays are sneaking up quickly so be sure to beat the shipping deadlines. Add any or all of these items to your gift list and promptly share it with your loved ones to make sure you secure some of this awesome gear this year.

By supporting small brands like these, you are keeping your dollars within our tight-knit mountain bike community. Encourage your friends and family to shop small this holiday season, you’ll be amazed by the unique bike gear you can find.

Happy holidays friends!


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